Nirmala Chitta Teachers' Training Institute

About Us

Nirmala Chitta Teachers Training Institute marking a humble beginning with its Diploma in Elementary Education programme since 2018, the college has all through been very seriously focussing on instilling quality while bringing diversity in the scope of its elemetary teacher education programme. Much beyond the mandatory requirements expected by different statutory bodies, the college has dedicated itself to the mission of transforming students into teachers - duly initiated in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Vibrant on cultural sensitivity and oriented to social affinity, Teachers shape the destiny of future generations. The Teacher Education Programmes, therefore, have an intensively wider role to play. The college strives hard to assume this responsibility and endeavours to do full justice to it being a dedicated teacher education.

With many pass-outs of the college presently contributing their bit in the school systems across the length and breadth of the country. The College has set itself into an exploratory journey in the world of teacher education with an intent of blending the much cherished ideals with the hopes and aspirations of the emerging global world